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Find like minded backpackers

Travel the world while meeting backpackers who want to see and do the same things you do. Find others travelling to the same destination, collect virtual stamps and share photos with friends as you go!


Find People Nearby

Backpackr helps you find backpackers who are interested in seeing and doing the same things as you. When signing up you can select three of the top reasons why you travel and find likeminded backpackrs who you want to meet. A quick view of a backpackrs profile will allow you to message them if you want to meet up and no, it’s not gay for a guy to message another guy. This is not an app dedicated to dating so don’t be upset if you are creeping out a girl and she blocks you.


A Backpacker Community

In the Common Room, anything goes. You're in a brand new city and you want to find the coolest bar to hang out but you're not sure where? Simply make a post in the Common Room and you're sure to get a response from someone nearby! You want to travel to Argentina but have no one to go with? Submit another post with your travel plans and people nearby and around the world can see it and message you if they wish! The possibilites are endless.


Stamp Your Passport

Every time you enter a new country, Backpackr will notify you to stamp your virtual passport. Collect stamps in every country and compete with your friends. We have scoured hundreds of passports to bring you the authentic stamps from all 195 countries around the world!


Find Travel Buddies

Find others travelling to the same destination as you. Enter the date and city of your trip and Backpackr will show you others also going to the same place. Send them a message and travel together. Results can be filtered by age, sex and location. Backpackr will send you push notifications everytime someone is en route to your destination.

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Coming to iOS and Android soon

Backpackr is an app for backpackrs who want to expand the network of people they know in the world while travelling and collecting virtual stamps in all the places visited. Backpackrs can search destinations and find out who is going to the same place at the same time. Soon backpackrs will even be able to see how many others are at each hostel or country just by opening the app. No more need to read endless reviews, let the numbers speak for themself.

A quick view of a backpackrs profile will allow you to to message them if you want to meet up or get travel advice about your current location.
Backpackr is not an app dedicated to dating so don't be upset if a girl has her profile set so that only girls can find her.

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